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Notes for 2018 AU Summer Programs
1. Students need to be nominated by home university.
2. Deadline for Application: Apr. 15, 2018
3. Estimated Cost:
    1) Registration Fees: US$20
    2)Tuition Fees: US$480
       -Offer registration & tuition fees waiver to students of AU partner universities
    3) School Dormitory: US$5/day
        -Air-conditioned room for 4, with free internet and toilet
        -Bedding and toiletries self prepared or rented (bedding including pillow, mattress, quilt US$26 or sleeping bag US$15) from AU.
        -Deposit of dorm key US$4
    4) Food: US$6/day
    5) Insurance: Strongly advised to buy insurance before departure for Taiwan.
    6) Air ticket fare 
    7) Personal expenses
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