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2022 夏日学校

2022 Summer Program

University of Victoria(维多利亚大学)
The International Summer Institute for Business Management (ISIBM) is an intensive three or four-week program taught by our award-winning professors from the Gustavson School of Business.
Full program contains two modules:
● Business Communications
● International Business, Entrepreneurship and Service Management
ISIBM(商业管理暑期学院)是为期 3-4 周的高强度课程,由维多利亚大学的杰出教师授课。

The ISIBM is ideal for undergraduate students from various disciplines who:
● Wish to develop a fundamental understanding of business skills and tools to succeed in today’s global marketplace
● Wish to experience Canadian university level education
● Plan to study abroad in the future and want to sample an international learning environment
● Need to improve their written, verbal and non-verbal communication skills within a business management context
● Wish to gain additional credits to put towards their degree program at home

It is an on-campus program, and is open to all undergraduate and graduate students.

*The ISIBM program fees include tuition, on-campus accommodation, social and tourist activity program, meal card, materials and airport pick-up.

Early-bird pricing for ISIBM(早鸟优惠截止日)
$400 discount on registrations before March 4th

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United States of America
Georgia State University(乔治亚州立大学)
The Summer Institute is a 4-week global program that offers students the opportunity to experience American higher education and culture. Students live in on-campus housing and attend Georgia State classes.

Georgia State will offer the following courses (note: not all students take all classes).  All students take two 3-credit courses.

● English Courses
● Communication and Cultural Diversity in the Health Care System
● Global Economics
● Public Speaking
● Cultural Institutions and Museum Studies
● Molecular Biotechniques from Genomics to Proteomics
● Introduction to U.S. Law
● Chemical Research
● Science of Learning

To assist students in covering the Summer Institute program fee, Georgia State University offers scholarships to eligible applicants. All scholarship applicants must first apply to the Summer Institute.

Throughout the summer institute, students will visit attractions that are covered by the program fees.

Application deadline:March 15, 2022

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San Francisco State University(旧金山州立大学)
The summer program is designed to allow students to spend summer immersed in the culture of one of the most diverse and exciting cities in the world! Students will earn university credits by taking SF State academic courses while enjoying everything San Francisco and the Bay Area have to offer, including planned trips, social activities, and visits to high-tech companies! This is a fun and functional opportunity for students to enrich their academic goals and worldview. No application fee!

Summer 2022 courses will be available in April on the SF State Class Schedule.

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United Kingdom
University for the Creative Arts(创意艺术大学)
The Program will be delivered in person, and there will be three courses available for your choice

● Fashion
● Advertising and Graphic Communication
● Animation, Gaming and Illustration

On all the programmes you'll study with some of the UK's leading creative academics, practicing artists and technical experts.
You will develop your creative skills, enhance your personal portfolio, and gain an understanding of the creative industries and the educational opportunities open to you in the UK.

An excursion will be included as part of your studies each week, with destinations including London, Brighton and Oxford.
you will have the weekends free to explore. UCA staff can provide you with information about other days out and offer advice on how to get there.

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Excelia is located in La Rochelle, one of the safest and most touristic cities in France.
The Summer School courses include cultural excursions and company visits.

Courses taught in English :
● Fashion Design & Luxury Industry Management (on-campus)
This summer course focusses on luxury and fashion brands. To fully understand the specificities of the luxury and fashion industry and its management, you will explore the main advances and developments in the various luxury sectors. You will acquire an advanced understanding of the new global dimension of this industry, as well as the socio-cultural and context-related impacts on the branding of products in this sector.

● UX & Web Design (online)
Courses are taught entirely in English by active industry professionals who are experts in their fields, with a combination of both theory and practice. The aim is to provide you with essential experience and a deep understanding of the multiple aspects of web design, design thinking, community and content management.

● Corporate Social Responsibility & Event Management (on-campus)
Courses are taught entirely in English by faculty members who are experts in their respective fields. You will have the opportunity to learn how to implement the various CSR components on a practical level, through innovative case studies related to sustainable development. You will therefore acquire the key competencies to be able to develop a sustainable and ethical project in a specific business sector.

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Hotel-Escuela de Sant Pol de Mar(赫罗纳大学附设桑特波尔厨艺观光学院)
2022 本校推出专为台湾学生设计的暑期营队,

● 侍酒师课程:餐酒搭配与专业知识
● 分子料理:科学方式重新创造美食佳肴
● 欧洲美食文化:餐桌礼仪与饮食文化演进
● 酒庄参访及品尝:近距离了解葡萄酒知识
● 欧洲最古老市场参访:博盖利亚市场
● 猪肉界帝王:认识伊比利亚火腿

*不包含:机票(仅提供代订) 、个人活动消费、非行程表安排之交通费用

*凡姐妹校学生皆可享有$2000 优待

The Republic of Korea
Hanyang University(汉阳大学)
HISS is one of Korea's leading summer programs, offers world-class education combined with a variety of unique cultural experiences.
Offers 130+ credit-bearing courses divided 10 fields of study, students can register for a maximum of 3 courses.
Hanyang University introduces students diverse activities under 5 “K-” themes,  K-Dynamics, K-Tradition, K-History, K-Modern, and  K-Culture. Each theme includes theme-based activities, students can choose up to 3 activities.

Program period: June 27-July 22, 2022
Application deadline: May 20, 2022

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Kansai University(关西大学)
This course is offered for two to three weeks in summer and winter to deepen participants' understanding of Japanese language, culture and society.

● Beginner Class
This is an introductory class for students with a very basic knowledge of Japanese who can read Hiragana, Katakana and understand basic Japanese such as greetings. This class is equivalent to *JLPT N5 level or lower.
*JLPT: Japanese Language Proficiency Test
*Before starting IJLC, reading, writing and typing of Hiragana, Katakana and basic Japanese such as greetings need to be acquired.

● Beginner-Intermediate (Lower) Class
This class is for students who can understand and use basic Japanese. This class is equivalent to JLPT N4 - N3 level.

● Intermediate (Upper)-Advanced Class
This class is for students who have studied and acquired beginner level of Japanese and have started studying intermediate Japanese. The students should be able to communicate with others using basic Japanese. This class is equivalent to JLPT N2 and higher.


Hong Kong
The University of Hong Kong(香港大学)
HKU Summer Institute, aims to bring student outside of the campus and into the world. Multiple programmes have been linked and created with partner schools and will be able to provide a chance for students to engage on a multi-culture journey. By embarking on the global adventures, students will be able to meet new friends and be able to widen their networks on a global scale.

Many programmes provide opportunities of field trips, guest talks and company visits, allowing you to establish a strong professional network, giving you a head start in your career. Apart from studies, hands-on experience in industries is also playing an important role in your overall development. HKU Summer Institute offers internship opportunities to help you to gain direct exposure to the dynamic working culture in Hong Kong and Asia.

Programmes available for your choice
本次夏日学校提供下列 8 种课程

● Business Leaders for a Changing World
● Creative Industries: From Start-up to Success
● HKU 2022 Summer Research Programme
● Mathematical Laboratory and Modeling
● Techniques of Counting
● Understanding Stereochemistry with Molecular Models and 3D Printing
● University Mathematics I
● University Physics

Some of the programmes are delivered in person, and some are online.

For students who would like to join face-to-face programmes, kindly note that HKU Summer Institute is not responsible for any quarantine, travel scheme, or accommodation arrangements for students. Students entering Hong Kong border for the summer programmes are responsible to comply with all requirements (e.g. quarantine hotel bookings, accommodations, vaccinations, visa applications, etc.) as set out by the HKSAR Government.

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Nanyang Technological University(南洋理工大学)
The GEM Trailblazer Summer 2022 programme offers more than 30 courses across 5 tracks.
Students are allowed to register up to 2 courses within each track or across different tracks.

This track will introduce students to basic Chinese and Malay language skills, letting students discover the fascinating and intriguing lifestyles in Asia.

Offered by the Nanyang Technopreneurship Centre (NTC), this track is designed to equip students with fundamental entrepreneurship competencies, business acumen and stamina to build and grow businesses.
Consisting of two courses, it will cover topics such as entrepreneurship; creativity; writing business plans; business accounting; intellectual property; marketing strategy; risk evaluation; financial projection; securing finances; and managing team members.

Through this series, it encourages students to come up with original creative works and design. Students will be able to explore various genres and find their voice through various writing, editing, painting and new media productions.

To compete in today's marketplace, one has to possess many traits and skills from cultural intelligence to negotiation skills, strategic management and marketing communications. Students will have a range of business and humanities courses to choose from this track.

Get tech-savvy with this track; students will be able to dip into the world of 3D printing, bioprinting and their applications in the real world; with exciting courses on artificial intelligence and data mining being added recently.

*Applicant must be nominated by home university before submitting an online application.
Nomination deadline: 31 March 2022
Application ends: 20 April 2022

Due to the pandemic, NTU may be offering the programme in a hybrid mode.  Students who are able to travel will need to attend the physical classes at NTU, and those who are taking the classes virtually, will attend the synchronous online classes. This is subject to travel restrictions, government guidelines and university considerations.

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