E. 居住 Residence

  • FAQ1: Accommodation information are the options for housing?

    1. On campus: the dormitory is a 4-person room
    2. Off-campus: Rental houses can be divided into elegant rooms (independent rooms without bathroom) and suites (independent rooms with bathroom).


  • FAQ 2: How much is the rent cost?  

    1. On-campus: 4-person room = 12,500 NTD (+500 NTD electricity bill) per semester
    2. Outside the school:
         Elegant room: About NTD 3000~4500/month
         Suite: About NTD 4000~7000/month

    Note: The above prices are for reference only. For relevant accommodation information, you can still ask the school's dormitory section.


  • FAQ 3 : How to apply for a school dormitory?  

    1. Semester accommodation application: Foreign students have priority in accommodation, and they can apply for registration to the dormitory service team within the specified time limit.

    2. Accommodation application time: Mid-March each year, after applying, you must confirm whether the letter of successful application has been received in the mailbox.


  • FAQ3: How do exchange students apply for school dormitories?  

    If exchange students need to live in the on-campus dormitory, they need to fill out an accommodation application form and hand it out to the dormitory section for registration.

  • FAQ5: Important dormitory regulations  

    Accommodation | Asia University, Taiwan 109