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Work Permit

Students - Work Permit Application

*Only accept online applications*

1. Introduction:
International students who wish to work in Taiwan (including in NCHU laboratories) for additional income must apply for a work permit.
It will take 7-14 working days to be issued!

2. Applications:
  • Fill in the online Application form

  • A copy of both sides of the student ID card

  • A copy of valid Passport

  • Formal Enrollment Certificate for each semester.

  • Get a payment slip at OIA, and pay at the Post Office:100NT
    ** Application during winter/summer vacation will need to upload "RECEIPT' of tuition fee payment as enrollment proof

3. Note:
Only could apply after paying the tuition fee! 
Please follow the regulations and international students MUST apply for working permit before working.

* Regulations:

1. The maximum work hours are 20 hours per week for students with a work permit, except during summer and winter vacation.
2. According to Employment Services Act,  you may be fined from NTD 30,000 to NTD 150,000 and expelled from Taiwan immediately if you hold a job without a valid work permit.
3. According to the "Regulations on the Permission and Administration of the Employment of Foreign Workers," you can only apply for a student work permit if you are enrolled as a degree student in an university or have taken a one-year language course in Taiwan.
4. The maximum validity period of a work permit is six months. For applications made in the fall semester, the work permit will be expire on March 31th of following year at the latest. For applications made in the spring semester, the work permit will expire on September 30th of the same year at the latest.
5. If you would like to receive the work permit in person, please fill in the declaration form and submit the form at the designated counter of the Workforce Development Agency. You have to submit the payment receipt at the counter by the appointed deadline to receive the work permit. The Workforce Development Agency will send the permit by mail if you did not pick up the work permit before the deadline.

4. Status:
Online Application Website: Click Here

For further information, please inquire with:
Workforce Development Agency: Click Here
Tel: 0800-881-339/ (02)2380-1720
Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30-12:30, 13:30-17:30