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Features of the Intense Program: 
  1. Oriented towards industry demands, fostering students through collaborative selection and cultivation between academia and industry: The new specialized program is based on the talent needs of domestic industries. Schools and enterprises sign industry-academia cooperation plans to jointly select outstanding students from abroad. Through collaborative design of customized courses by academia and industry, if necessary, teaching can be conducted jointly by school faculty and industry experts. This allows enterprises to fully participate in student recruitment, curriculum delivery, and internships, aiming to jointly cultivate and retain talent.

  2. Injecting resources jointly by the government and industries to enhance incentives for studying and working in Taiwan: To attract outstanding students from various countries to study and work in Taiwan, the new specialized program will be supported by the National Development Fund of the Executive Yuan, providing industry-academia scholarships. This includes necessary administrative expenses for students' initial arrival in Taiwan, one-way airfare, up to 2 years of tuition and miscellaneous fees, and a monthly living allowance of at least NT$10,000 provided by industries for each student.

  3. Integrating mechanisms for staying and working in Taiwan after graduation to expedite the supplementation of talents required by industries: With a principle of a 2-year cultivation period, students receive government and enterprise incentives during their study period. After graduation, they are obligated to stay and work in Taiwan for a certain period. Enterprises have the priority to retain and hire students, accelerating the supplementation of middle and high-level talents needed by industries.