G. 通訊 Telephone

  • FAQ 1: How to make international calls?  

    Taiwan→Overseas: XXX-Country Code-Area Code-Phone Number
    Foreign country→Taiwan: XXX-886-area code-phone number
    for example:
    To call from the U.S. to Asia University International College, please dial 011-886-4-2332-3456
    011 (international transfer code for telecom operators). In Taiwan, the international transfer codes for telecom operators are (002, 005, 006, 016, 017)

  • FAQ  2: How to buy an international telephone card?  

    Available at convenience stores (7-11, Hi-Life, OK, Family Market) and various telecom operators’ stores.

  • FAQ 3: How to apply for a mobile phone/door number?  

    Generally speaking, applicants must be at least 20 years old to apply for a mobile phone/door number. For details, please contact the following telecom operators' stores.
    Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan's 大哥大 (Da Ge Da), Far East Telecom, Asia Pacific, TSTAR Telecom, Verbatim, PHS.

  • FAQ 4: Which of the following documents are required to apply for a mobile phone/door number?  

    To apply for a mobile phone/door number, in addition to a passport (valid for 3 months or more), one of the following documents must be valid for 6 months or more:
    1. Residence visa
    2. Alien residence permit
    3. Driver's license