H. 心理諮商 Psychological Counseling

  • FAQ 1 : When encountering maladjustment (including homesickness, schoolwork, making friends, and relationship problems), which units can I ask for help?

    Asia University is very concerned about the learning and living adaptation status of international students in Taiwan. We provide warm services from the following units to help international students studying in foreign countries.

    Counseling Center -L101, H101
    Contact: (04)23323456# 6265-6269, 6285, 1768
    General administrative Mailbox:  care@asia.edu.tw
    An Xin Mailbox:  standbyyou@asia.edu.tw
    This An Xin mailbox is only for emergency psychological consultation and in crises (there is an emergency endangering life and safety, etc.). We will reply to your letter as soon as possible.

    Military Education Office -M110

    When there is an emergency, please contact the military training office and the instructor will provide you with the necessary assistance.
    Contact (04)23323456#Extension

    The extensions are as follows:
    College of Nursing: 3223, 3213
    College of Medical Health: 3222, 3278, 3279
    College of Design: 3225, 3293
    College of Information: 3221, 1792
    College of Management: 3220, 3208
    College of Humanities and Social Sciences: 3223, 3224