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【Position】Secretary for International College

【Name】Ms. Bertha Tseng

【Tel】+886-4-23323456 Ext.6296


【Duties Include】

  1. Contact Person for International Students: Scholarship, Orientation, Hands Together Project, International Student Association (ISA), Alumni Associations, ARC, Work Permit, Insurance, Bank Account, etc.
  2. English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI)
  3. Statistics for International Students
  4. Maintenance of the International College Website

【Position】Secretary for Center International Academic Exchange

【Name】Mr. Andy Lee

【Tel】+886-4-23323456 Ext.6278S__647222


【Duties Include】

  1. International Degree/Dual Degree Student Admission
  2. Arrival for Overseas Students
  3. Other Recruitment Cooperation (MOU, MOA, etc)
  4. Overseas Universities Visiting Groups Arrangement
  5. Global Student Recruitment Website
  6. Statistics for Outgoing/ Incoming Exchange Students

【Position】Coordinator, Semester Exchange Program

【Name】Ms. Niki Lai

【Tel】+886-4-23323456 Ext.6298


nikiOutbound Exchange Programs:

【Duties Include】

  1. General Affairs for Overseas Semester Exchange Programs
  2. MOE Internship/Exchange Programs
  3. Taiwan Experience Education Program (TEEP)
  4. New Southbound Project
  5. Domestic High Schools Visiting Groups Arrangement/ Cooperation (Dual Degree Program)
  6. Overseas Universities Visiting Groups Arrangement

【Position】Coordinator, Virtual Exchange Program

【Name】Ms. Tina Chang

【Tel】+886-4-23323456 Ext.3611>This is an image


【Duties Include】

  1. International Semester Exchange Student Admission
  2. General Affairs for Virtual Exchange Programs for International Students

【Position】Coordinator, Summer/Winter Program

【Name】Ms. Aurellia Tseng

【Tel】+886-4-23323456 Ext.627391489


Outbound Summer/Winter Programs

Inbound Summer/Winter Programs

【Duties Include】

  1. General Affairs for Summer/Winter Programs for International Students
  2. General Affairs for Overseas Summer/Winter Programs
  3. General Affairs for Higher Education Sprout Project─Globalization
  4. Maintenance of the International College Website
  5. Oversea Chinese Students Admission

【Position】 Coordinator, Indonesia Taiwan Education Center

【Name】Ms. Vanessa Lai

【Tel】+886-4-23323456 Ext.6276

【Email】 is an image

【Duties Include】

  1. General Affair for Indonesia Taiwan Education Center in Surabaya
  2. General Affair for Taiwan Higher Education Fair
  3. General Affair for Service-learning Students/Work-study Students

【Position】 Coordinator, Taiwan Experience Education Program

【Name】Ms. Irene Lin

【Tel】+886-4-23323456 Ext.6274


【Duties Include】

  1. Taiwan Experience Education Program (TEEP)
  2. Global Student English-teaching Internship
  3. English Inernship Program for Elementry School Arrangment