The application for Asian Youth Leaders Elite Program 2024 (Summer Term) is now open.

  • 2024-04-17
  • 陳奕穎

亞洲青年領袖菁英計劃 (AYLEP) 是青年探索世界的窗口,是青年相互連結的橋樑,是青年從亞洲到世界獲得充實和精彩體驗的平台。在過去的 16 年裡,AYLEP已使來自 85 個國家的 22539 名參與者受益。

Asian Youth Leaders Elite Program (AYLEP) is a window for youth to explore the world, a bridge for youth to connect with each other, a platform for youth to gain fulfilling and amazing experiences from Asia to worldwide. AYLEP has benefited 22539 participants from 85 countries in the past 16 years.
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