Break Fasting Ramadan : KDEI Taipei Bonds with Asia University’s Muslim Students

  • 2024-04-15
  • 陈奕颖 – In a heartwarming gathering on the evening of March 27, 2024, the Indonesian Economic and Trade Office (KDEI) in Taipei, represented by its head, embraced the spirit of Ramadan by joining a break fasting event at Asia University, Taichung. This special occasion was organized by the Special Branch of Muhammadiyah in Central Taiwan (PCIM Taiwan Tengah), signifying the strong cultural and religious ties among the Indonesian community in Taiwan.

The event was graced by Prof. Chen Yinghuei, the Dean of the International College at Asia University, and was attended by approximately 150 Muslim students from across the globe, including India, Pakistan, and France. However, the Indonesian students, with their diverse academic pursuits in fields like Foreign Language, Hospitality Services, Business Administration, and Computer Technology, formed the major part of the gathering.

This significant assembly wasn’t just a regular iftar gathering; it was a symbol of unity, diversity, and the strong bilateral ties between Indonesia and Taiwan. It served as a platform not only for fostering relationships among students of various nationalities but also for connecting them with influential figures and organizations that can support their educational and professional journeys in Taiwan.

The head of KDEI Taipei expressed a keen interest in the students’ welfare and academic progress, urging them to engage actively with various student organizations such as the Indonesian Students Association (ISA), Young Indonesian Professional Association (YIPA), and others. This involvement is seen as a vital component of their holistic development during their stay in Taiwan.

Furthermore, the event featured an interactive Q&A session, providing students a rare opportunity to discuss pressing issues like Indonesia-Taiwan trade relations and job prospects in Taiwan directly with the head of KDEI Taipei. This initiative was highly appreciated by the students, as it offered them insights into potential career paths and the economic dynamics between the two countries.

Prof. Chen Yinghuei’s address highlighted Asia University’s commitment to its international student body, appreciating their contributions to the campus’s diversity and cultural richness. He also took pride in mentioning Asia University’s long-standing tradition of facilitating Eid prayers, a practice that extends hospitality not only to the students but also to the Indonesian workers residing nearby, further strengthening the bonds within the Indonesian community in Taiwan.

Since 2005, Asia University has emerged as a preferred destination for Indonesian students pursuing higher education overseas. With over 1000 alumni to date, the university’s inclusive environment and supportive policies towards international students have been pivotal in attracting a sizable Indonesian population, who choose Taiwan for its educational excellence and cultural hospitality.

This event, therefore, was not just about breaking the day’s fast together; it was a celebration of mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation that goes beyond the realms of the university into the broader socio-cultural context of Taiwan and Indonesia’s amicable relations.