AU Newsletter Vol. 021

  • 2022-09-15
  • AUIC

President Jeffrey J. P. Tsai of Asia University Interviewed by Cheers Magazine!

President Jeffrey J.P. Tsai of Asia University was interviewed by Creative Director Fu-Yuan Hsiao Cheers Magazine. When he was asked about how the leader of a university responsible for talent cultivation should respond to the global talent shortage, President Tsai responded that Asia University is dedicating its efforts to becoming a world-class university and developing digital competence, competencies (soft skills) that will last a lifetime, and ensuring they will not be displaced in the era of AI.... read more

Asia University Listed in Six Global Rankings for Higher Education
Asia University (AU), Taiwan, is listed simultaneously in six major international rankings for its excellence in teaching and research for the first time since its founding in 2000. The university has displayed stable performance in three common evaluation indicators: the number of papers published, the citation rate of papers, and the international more

Asia University Hosted 2022 MC & WASN International Conference
Asia University hosted the 2022 MC&WASN conference and a total of 100 papers and 98 research project results in computer science and information engineering were presented. Professor Jeffrey J. P. Tsai, President of Asia University (AU), was invited to deliver a speech on the “smart campus.” more