AU Newsletter Vol. 022

  • 2022-10-15
  • AUIC

Taiwan's First Coral Restoration NFT

Asia University (AU) and Delta Electronic Foundation jointly are conducting an "Earth Pulsing" on ecology and art at the Asia University Museum of Modern Art. This exhibition is Taiwan's first initiative to create (generate) coral artworks through programming, to trade them on cryptocurrency platforms, and then to restore corals in the ocean. It is an innovative attempt to promote marine conservation. AU and the Delta Electronic Foundation jointly formed the "Coral Restoration NFT" team..... read more

AU Becomes the Most Popular University in Taiwan for Indonesian Students
Asia University (AU) was commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Taiwan, to establish the "Taiwan Education Center Indonesia" in Surabaya, Indonesia. The Center held its second 2022 "Indonesia-Taiwan Higher Education Exhibition" on October 5-7. It was broadcast live online by Asia University in Taiwan, and 60 Taiwan universities took turns to present their universities to the potential Indonesian students who plan to study in Taiwan. Due to the frequent and active exchanges between Taiwan and Indonesia in recent years, Taiwan has become one of the top five favorite destinations for Indonesian students to study abroad.; more

Professor Pang Soong Lin won the Honorary Laureate Prize at Colorado International Poster Exhibition 2022
Colorado International Invitational Poster Exhibition is one of the top five poster exhibitions in the world. It is known for its unique feature of inviting world-renowned designers to participate in the competition. Every two years, its committee nominates one designer to be the most prestigious “Honor Laureate,” who also serves as the sole assessor for the whole competition. Professor Pang Soong Lin from the Department of Visual Communication Design won the honor laureate prize at CIIPE 2022..... read more