B. 保險 Insurance

  • FAQ 1: What is the difference between health insurance and group insurance?  

    Health insurance :
    For compulsory insurance, foreign nationals (including people from Hong Kong, Macau, and mainland China) who have a residence certificate in Taiwan, except for those who have a certain employer to participate in the national health insurance from the date of employment, should have their residence certificate. Participate in the National Health Insurance from the day of 6 months of residence in Taiwan (for 6 months of continuous residence in Taiwan or less than 30 days of departure once, the actual period of residence is deducted from the number of days of departure, and the total is 6 months).
    Group Insurance:
    For compulsory insurance, all students with a sub-university number (including degree students and exchange students) need to be insured, and the insurance premium is included in the registration fee.
    Group insurance claims: Bring the doctor’s diagnosis certificate, receipt, ARC copy, and account cover copy to the International College to fill in the application form.


  • FAQ 2: How to apply for Application for NHI card?  

    Please send the residence permit (front and back) and a 2-inch photo in the electronic file to auic@asia.edu.tw, Subject: [Student ID] Apply for a health insurance card (for example 108123123 apply for a health insurance card).

  • FAQ 3: Who needs to buy medical insurance (Medical Insurance) and how to buy it?  

    Foreign freshmen cannot participate in the national health insurance for the first six months after enrollment, so they need to purchase overseas medical insurance with a validity of six months in their home country before coming to Taiwan and submit a copy of the insurance certificate to the International Academy.
    If you have medical insurance, you don’t need group insurance.


  • FAQ 4: How to pay for health insurance and group insurance?  

    It is updated in the registration form of each semester.