D. 工作證 Working Permit

  • FAQ 1: Is the application method is online only?  

    The Online application provides 24-hour online delivery, payment, notification, and inquiry services, which saves the time and cost of mail delivery applications in the past, and is not limited to the commuting time of government agencies, and enjoys the convenience of applying without going out. Online applications for work permits for overseas Chinese students are fully implemented.
    Unless there are legitimate reasons (for example, due to force majeure factors such as natural disasters, incidents, or other non-attributable reasons such as the inability of the online application system of the department to provide services, etc.), students can submit an application in writing and attach an instruction manual, which will be determined by the Ministry of Labor on a case-by-case basis.

    Work permit online application system

  • FAQ 2: Is there any information security risk in the online system?  

    In order to ensure the security of information and the reliability of data sources, after students apply for an account, please keep the account and password properly. In addition, the case is approved by the department after receiving and reviewing the case. The application and review information will be notified by e-mail simultaneously. When registering an account, please fill in your e-mail address to avoid fake applications.
    Work permit online application system

  • FAQ 3: What is the filing operation for online applications?  

    Students log in to the online application system with their account, click or log in the necessary information according to the fields set on the webpage, and upload the front and back sides of the student ID, student certificate (with school’s stamp*), the valid passport front page, and the front and back of alien residence permit (files should be PDF file), you can submit the application.
    *There is no registration stamp for the student card of the Asia University. You can upload the certificate of enrollment for insurance to avoid being returned.

    Work permit online application system

  • FAQ 4: How to check the work permit for overseas Chinese students during the application period?  

    1. For those who submitted the work permit in the last semester, the period of the work permit is until March 31 of the next semester.

    2. For those who apply in the next semester, the period of the work permit is until September 30 of the same year.

    3. Except for winter and summer vacations, the maximum number of hours per week is 20 hours.

    4. However, if the application period is shorter, the permission will be approved according to the application period. Taking into account the different work-study needs of students, the application period shall still prevail. However, the maximum is still limited to 6 months.

    5. If you fail to apply for a work permit under the regulations and are hired as a worker for another person, in accordance with the Employment Service Act, a fine of NT$30,000 to NT$150,000 will be imposed.
  • FAQ 5: How to update the passport number for passport renewal?  

    When submitting a work permit application, please attach your new and old passports for review, and the Ministry of Labor will assist you in making changes accordingly.

    Work permit online application system


  • FAQ 6: How do the payment for the working permit application?

    (1) Payment by the post office: Follow the instructions on the application page. Bring the postal transfer slip to the post office for payment. After completing the payment, please keep the receipt properly and follow the instructions to enter the "Postal Transfer Receipt Number", "Transaction Date" and "Transaction Office Number" online.

    (2) ATM payment: Please complete the online application first, and after sending it to the school for review, the system will automatically generate a dedicated payment account (16 digits), and then use the ATM "payment" function (please note that it is not a transfer function), and the receipt will be retained after completion for future reference.

    Work permit online application system

  • FAQ 7: How to fill in the receipt information (with postal transfer slip)?  

    1. Transaction date: The date of payment, for example, payment on September 26, 2017. For the online application, please fill in 1070926.

    2.Transaction Office Number: It is the office number of the post office for payment. The relevant example is shown in the figure below.

    3. Receipt number: The relevant example is shown in the figure below. There are two types, please refer to the notes and examples when applying.
    Work permit online application system
  • FAQ 8: After graduating from university, I am sure I will be enrolled in the master's program of the same school. Before I register for the next semester if I want to use the summer vacation for an internship or stay in the research room for research, how to apply for a work permit?  

     The term of work permit for high school and university graduates (including life extension) ends on June 30 of the same year. If the student needs summer or postponement, the relevant certificate issued by the school or (department), or admitted to a university or research institute, plus a certificate that the student has completed the registration procedures issued by the admission school can apply fan or extension of the permit period Until September 30 of the same year.

    Work permit online application system


  • FAQ 9: How to open an account in a bank?  

    1. It is necessary to prepare NT$1,000, and minors should prepare the authorization documents of the guardian in Taiwan.

    2. "Foreigners holding a residence permit issued by the Ministry of the Interior" need to prepare: Rresident ppermit and other documents (such as health insurance card, transportation
    , driver's license, or student ID).

    3. "Foreigners who do not hold a residence permit" need to prepare: a (foreign) passport with a legal entry visa (or stamp) or an overseas Chinese identity certificate issued by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission and prepare the Republic of China unified certificate number base table.

    Work permit online application system

  • FAQ 10: How to apply for a debit card?  

    1. After opening a bank account, foreigners can bring their valid foreign passports, passbook, and original seals to apply for a debit card at the bank where the account is opened, providing domestic deposits, withdrawals and transfers

    2. Withdrawal limit: The maximum amount is NT$30,000 each time (inter-bank withdrawal is 20,000 yuan), and the maximum daily amount is in accordance with the regulations of each bank.

    3. Transfer restrictions: The maximum amount of non-agreement account transfers per day is limited to NT$30,000. If the amount of each transfer exceeds NT$30,000, an agreement should be made with the original account bank in advance. After the agreement, the maximum amount will be less than NT$30,000 each time. The limit is 2 million yuan (the maximum daily amount is in accordance with the regulations of each bank).

    4. Loss processing: When the debit card is lost, you can use the 24-hour voice loss reporting line of each bank to report the loss and stop the payment, and please go through the written loss report and stop payment procedures with the original account bank as soon as possible.

    5. Card replacement fee: E
    ach bank charges fees according to its regulations when applying for receiving, reporting the loss, reissuing, and reissuing a debit card. For details, please contact each bank.

    Work permit online application system