I. 課程 Curriculum

  • FAQ 1 : How do I choose courses (Course Selection)?

    1.Please enter the course selection system in Asia University Student Portal, and confirm the course selection time of each academic system by yourself. If you miss the course selection, we will not be responsible for the loss.

    After logging in, you can select courses according to your preference. Due to compulsory courses, the elective courses may have problems of rushing to the classroom or the number of people is full. For related operation problems, please refer to this: System Operation Manual.

    During the course selection period, students should go to the semester timetable in the student information system to "confirm" and add the result of withdrawal, and the result of the course selection in the computer system shall prevail

    4.For questions about courses, please contact each department.

  • FAQ 2: What are Asia University graduation requirements?

    1. Masters and doctors should complete the credits and write a thesis in accordance with the regulations of the department to graduate.

    2. The university department should obtain the required credits from the department and the graduation requirements (Chinese ver.) set by the school, such as core competence and basic literacy, please follow the school year entrance regulations as the benchmark.

  • FAQ 3: here can I find the school year calendar?

    The school year calendar can be found on the school’s website, and you can go to the homepage of Student Portal to find more new information or the latest updated version.

  • FAQ 4:  want to learn Chinese. Does Asia University provide a course for further Chinese learning?  

    The Chinese Language Teaching and Research Development Center of Asia University provide various basic, introductory, elementary, intermediate, and advanced Chinese language courses for international students studying for a degree.

  • FAQ 5: How to apply for Chinese language courses?  

    Chinese Course Curriculum
    Different application methods are depending on the student’s status. Click the link for more information.